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  • BAILEY, M.

    Boswell’s Column

    Being his Seventy Contributions to 'The London Magazine' under his Pseudonym 'The Hypochondriack' from 1777 to 1783 here First Printed in Book Form in England. Introduction and Notes by Margery Bailey.

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    The Moth and the Candle

    A Life of James Boswell.

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  • HYDE, Montgomery

    The Impossible Friendship

    Boswell and Mrs. Thrale.

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  • LEWIS , D.B. Wyndham

    The Hooded Hawk

    Or, the Case of Mr. Boswell.

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  • MALONE (ed.), Edmund

    The Life of Samuel Johnson

    Comprehending an Account of his Studies, and numerous Works, in Chronological Order; a Series of his Epistolary Correspondence. The Fifth Edition, Revised and Augmented.

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  • MCLAREN, Moray

    The Highland Jaunt

    A Study of James Boswell and Samuel Johnson upon their Highland and Hebridean Tour of 1773.

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  • PEARSON, Hesketh

    Johnson and Boswell

    The Story of their Lives.

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  • POTTLE, Frederick A.

    Boswell and the Girl from Botany Bay

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