Recent Acquisitions

    Codex Exoniensis. A Collection of Anglo-Saxon Poetry from a Manuscript in the Library of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter

    With an English Translation, Notes and Indexes by Benjamin Thorpe FSA.


  • BOSWELL, James
    Boswell’s Life of Johnson

    Edited [and with an Introduction by] by Augustine Birrell. With Malone's Notes and Illustrations.


    The Fables of Aesop with a Life of the Author

    Embellished with One Hundred and Twelve Plates. [Translation by Samuel Croxall.]


  • GUNN, Neil M
    The Lost Glen


  • EVERETT, Major-General Sir Henry
    The History of the Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert’s) 1685-1914

    With a Foreword by H.R.H. The Duke of York, Colonel-in-Chief.


    Tutte le Opere di Nicolo Machiavelli cittadino et secretario fiorentino

    Divise in V. Parti et di nuovo con somma accuratezza ristampate al santissimo et beatissimo Padre Signore Nostro Clemente VII.


  • MILLAIS, John Guille
    The Natural History of the British Surface-Feeding Ducks

    [Illustrated by Archibald Thorburn and the Author].


  • SCOTT, Robert Falcon
    Scott’s Last Expedition

    Vol. I: The Journals of Captain R.F. Scott. Vol. II: The Reports of the Journeys and the Scientific Work undertaken by Dr. E. Wilson and the surviving Members of the Expedition. Arranged by Leonard Huxley with a Preface by Sir Clements Markham.


  • MALLINSON, Allan
    The Matthew Hervey novels complete


    A Dish of Apples

    With Illustrations by Arthur Rackham. [First Trade Edition].


  • KIRBY, William Egmont
    An Introduction to Entomology: or Elements of the Natural History of Insects

    Fourth Edition.


  • TWAIN, pseud., Mark
    The £1,000,000 Bank-Note and other New Stories

    [First UK Edition.]


  • CORNWELL, Bernard
    The Saxon Tales/Last Kingdom sequence complete


  • SCOTT, Manda
    Dreaming the Eagle [with] Dreaming the Bull [with] Dreaming the Hound [with] Dreaming the Serpent Spear


    Ships of the Royal Navy. Statement of Losses during the Second World War


  • HOOKE, Robert

    Introduced by Ruth Scurr and with a Brief Life by John Aubrey.


  • PRATCHETT, Terry

    Introduced by A.S. Byatt. Illustrations by Omar Rayyan. [First Illustrated Limited Edition.]


  • FOSTER, Robert
    The Complete Guide to Middle-Earth. From The Hobbit to The Silmarillion

    Illustrated by Ted Nasmith.


  • TOLKIEN, J. R. R.
    The Lord of the Rings

    Illustrated by Alan Lee. ['New Reset' Edition. With a Note on the Text by Douglas A. Anderson.]


Fine Bindings

  • GOLDSMITH, Oliver
    The Miscellaneous Works of Oliver Goldsmith, with an Account of his Life and Writings

    A New Edition in Four Volumes. Edited by Washington Irving.


    A Handbook for Travellers in India, Burma and Ceylon, including all British India, The Portuguese and French Possessions, and the Protected Native States

    Tenth Edition.


  • IRELAND, Samuel
    Picturesque Views on the River Thames


  • AINGER, Arthur Campbell
    Eton Songs

    Set to Music by Joseph Barnby. Illustrated by Herbert Marshall.


  • AUSTEN, Jane
    [The Novels of Jane Austen.]

    [With] A Memoir by her Nephew J.E. Austen-Leigh [with] Lady Susan and Fragments of two other unfinished Tales. New Edition. [Complete set of the Steventon Edition.].


  • BROWNING, Robert
    The Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Barrett 1845-1846

    With Portraits and Facsimiles. [Edited by F.G. Kenyon and Roger Ingpen].


  • SCOTT, Peter
    Morning Flight. A Book of Wildfowl

    [Ninth Impression.]


  • LE CARRE, John
    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy [with] The Honourable Schoolboy [with] Smiley’s People


  • URQUHART, Major-General Roy

    With Wilfred Greatorex.


  • ISHIGURO, Kazuo
    A Pale View of Hills


  • LESSING, Doris
    The Grass is Singing


  • COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor
    The Friend [with] Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit [with] Aids to Reflection [with] Essays on his Own Times [with] Notes on English Divines [with] Notes Theological Political and Miscellaneous


  • CHURCHILL, Peter
    Of their own Choice [with] Duel of Wits [with] The Spirit in the Cage


  • HINCHLIFF, Thomas Woodbine
    Summer Months among the Alps: with the Ascent of Monte Rosa