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The Descent of Man, and Selection in relation to Sex

DARWIN, Charles

Second Edition, Revised and Augmented. Twenty-Third Thousand. [Library Edition, Second Issue.]


Published: John Murray, 1891

Stock code: 48227

Price: £400.00

With publisher's 2pp advertisement leaf at end of first volume. The second edition, first published in 1874, is divided into three parts instead of the two of the first, sexual selection in relation to man being separated off as a third part. The printing of 1877 (the twelfth thousand) has added at the end, pp. 620-624, a supplemental note reprinted from 'Nature' of 2 November 1876, p.18. This is the definitive text of the work, reproduced in the present edition. In 1888 there was an entirely new printing, the Library Edition, comprising two volumes bound in pale green cloth rather than Murray's familiar 'arches' style and matching the Library 'Origin' of the same year. This is the Second Issue of the same. The Descent of Man is notable as the first of Darwin's works to contain (on p.2 of the Introduction in this edition) the word 'evolution' (see Freeman, p.30). SCARCE IN THIS CONDITION. Freeman, 974.