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  • ALDERSON, Brevet-Lieut.-Colonel Edwin Alfred Hervey

    With the Mounted Infantry and the Mashonaland Field Force, 1896

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  • ANON

    Perspective View of Gibraltar with the the Disposition of the Spanish Attack, and Relief of the Garrison by the English Fleet under the command of Admiral Darby, 12 April 1781

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  • ASCOLI, David

    A Village in Chelsea

    An Informal Account of the Royal Hospital. With Illustrations by Andrew Farmer.

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    With the Turks in Thrace

    In collaboration with Seabury Ashmead-Bartlett.

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  • BAKER, Harold

    The Territorial Force

    A Manual of its Law, Organization and Administration. With an Introduction by the Right. Hon. R.B. Haldane.

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    On the Strength

    The Story of the British Army Wife.

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    From Recruit to Staff Sergeant

    With an Introduction and Epilogue by Major-General B.P. Hughes.

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    Merchants and the Military in Eighteenth Century Britain

    British Army Contracts and Domestic Supply 1739-1763.

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  • BARTLETT, Thomas

    A Military History of Ireland

    [Second Impression].

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    The Drum A Royal Tournament Tribute to the Military Drum

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  • BERKELEY, George F-H.

    The Campaign of Adowa and the Rise of Menelik

    New Edition with a New Introduction. [Second Edition.]

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  • BISMARK, F.W. von

    Lectures on the Tactics of Cavalry and Elements of Manoeuvre for a Cavalry Regiment

    Translated and with Notes by Major N. Ludlow Beamish. Second Edition.

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    The Ashanti War

    A Narrative prepared from the Official Documents by Permission of Major-General Sir Garnet Wolseley. With Maps and Plans by Harry Cooper.

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    The Medieval Archer

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    Advice to the Officers of the British Army

    With the Addition of some Hints to the Drummer and Private Soldier. Embellished after Drawings in Colour and Line by Frank Wilson. Introduction by Bernard Fergusson.

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    Empire of the East

    Or, Japan and Russia at War 1904-05.

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  • CARSE, A.

    Eighteenth Century Military Marches

    Arranged for Piano by Adam Carse.

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  • CHANDLER, David

    Marlborough as Military Commander

    With a Foreword by his Grace the Eleventh Duke of Marlborough. [Second Edition.]

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  • CLARK, G.T.

    Mediaeval Military Architecture in England [COMPLETE SET]

    ediaeval Military Architecture in England [COMPLETE SET].

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  • COHEN, G.

    Historie de la Chevalerie en France au Moyen Age

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  • COUSINS, Geoffrey

    The Defenders

    A History of the British Volunteer. With a Foreword by Colonel Sir Tufton Beamish.

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  • DILKE, Sir Charles Wentworth

    Imperial Defence

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  • ELLIOTT, Major-General J.G.

    The Frontier 1839-1947

    The Story of the North-West Frontier of India. Preface by Sir Olaf Caroe.

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  • EMERY, Frank

    Marching over Africa

    Letters from Victorian Soldiers.

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    At Them with the Bayonet!

    The First Sikh War.

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