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  • 'GUNS, Q.F.C.'

    Middle Watch Musings

    [Second Edition.]

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    The Navy List, corrected to the 20th December 1831

    [A List of the Officers of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines with the Dates of their Seniority].

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  • ALLEN, Joseph

    Life of Nelson

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    Naval Wars in the Levant 1559-1853

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  • BALLARD, G. A.

    The Black Battlefleet

    [A Study of the Capital Ship in Transition. With a Foreword by Admiral of the Fleet Earl Mountbatten of Burma].

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    The Tragedy of Philippe d’Auvergne

    Vice-Admiral in the Royal Navy and last Duke of Bouillon.

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  • BEVAN, David

    Drums of the Birkenhead

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  • BOWKER, R.M.


    Aboard HM Armed Transport BOUNTY in 1789.

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  • BROOKS, F.W.

    The English Naval Forces 1199-1272

    With a Foreword by Professor Geoffrey Callender.

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  • BROOKS, Richard

    The Long Arm of Empire

    Naval Brigades from the Crimea to the Boxer Rebellion.

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  • BURNS, K.V.

    Devonport Built Warships since 1860

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  • CAMPERDOWN, Earl of

    Admiral Duncan

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  • CHATTERTON, E. Keble

    English Seamen and the Colonization of America

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  • CORRY, Commander Alvin Coote

    The Executive Officer’s Orders, etc. with regard to the Internal Economy of a Man-of-War

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  • DALLAS, F.G.

    The Papers of Francis Gregory Dallas

    United States Navy Correspondence and Journal 1837-1859. Edited by Gardner W. Allen.

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    What happened on the Bounty?

    Translated from the Swedish by Alan Tapsell. [First English Edition.]

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  • DAVIS, John

    The Post-Captain or the Wooden Walls well manned

    Comprehending a View of Naval Society and Manners. Edited with Introduction from the Third Edition, 1808, by R.H. Case.

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  • DOUGLAS, Major General Sir Howard

    A Treatise on Naval Gunnery

    Published with the Approbation and Permission of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.

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  • EARLE, Peter

    The Last Fight of the Revenge

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  • EVANS, Wilson P.

    Deeds not Words

    [The Victorian Navy].

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  • FEVYER, W. H.

    The Africa General Service Medal to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines

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  • FOSTER, Jane

    Ship on Shore

    [The naval brig HMS OSPREY.]

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  • FRIEDEL, Frank

    The Splendid Little War

    [The Spanish-American War.]

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  • FRIEDMAN, Norman

    British Cruisers of the Victorian Era

    Ship Plans by A D Baker III, with additional drawings by Paul Webb.

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  • GREENWICH HOSPITAL 1833, Act of Parliament

    An Act for incorporating the Members of a Society, commonly called ‘The Seaman’s Hospital Society’,

    and their Successors, as therein is mentioned and provided; and for the better enabling and empowering them to carry on their charitable and useful Designs of the same Society

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