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  • 'ARISTOTLE' [pseud].

    Aristotle’s Works: containing the Master-Piece, Directions for Midwives

    and Counsel and Advice to Child-Bearing Women. With various useful Remedies.

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  • ALLIX, Charles

    Carriage Clocks

    Their History and Development. Illustrated by Peter Bonnert.

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  • ARTHUS, A.

    The Unknown World of the Child

    A Book for Parents. Translated by Robin Scutt from the French Edition.

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  • BAKER, E.C.

    Preece and those who followed

    Consulting Engineers in the Twentieth Century.

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  • BARTON, David K.

    Radar System Analysis

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  • BELL, J.

    The Telegraphists’ Guide to the Departmental; and City and Guilds Examinations in Telegraphy

    Seventh Edition (New Impression).

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  • BELL, W.J.

    Early American Science

    Needs and Opportunities for Study.

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  • BELVILLE, John Henry

    Mid-Nineteenth Barometers

    Being a Reprint of Manual of the Mercurial and Aneroid Barometers (1858) to which is appended The Aneroid Barometer, how to buy and use it (1849). [Facsimile reissue].

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  • BLISS, Michael

    William Osler. A Life in Medicine

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  • BRABAZON, Lord

    The Brabazon Story

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  • BRADDICK, H. J. J.

    Cosmic Rays and Mesotrons

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    Savage of King’s Lynn

    Inventor of Machines and Merry-Go-Rounds.

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    Aluminium Facts and Figures. Section I: Sheet Coiled Strip and Circles [with] Section II: Extrusions [with] Section III: Tubes [with] Section IV: Casting Alloys and Hardeners

    [Complete set.]

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  • BROADBENT, Sir William

    Selections from the Writings of Sir William Broadbent. Medical and Neurological

    Edited by Walter Broadbent.

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  • BROUGH, Bennett H.

    A Treatise on Mine-Surveying

    Thirteenth Edition, Revised.

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  • BROWN & SHARPE Mfg. Co.

    Practical Treatise on Milling and Milling Machines

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  • BUDGEN, N. F.

    The Heat-Treatment and Annealing of Aluminium and its Alloys

    With a Foreword by D. Hanson.

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  • BURTON, Anthony

    Thomas Telford

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  • CLARK, E.F.

    George Parker Bidder

    The Calculating Boy. With an Appreciation of his Calculating Ability by Joyce Linfoot.

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  • COCKS, Edgar Basil

    The Graphical Determination of Expansion Thrusts and Stresses in Steam Pipes

    Institution of Civil Engineers. Selected Engineering Papers No. 133.

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  • COFFIN, A.I.

    Botanic Guide to Health, and the Natural Pathology of Disease, Twenty-Ninth Edition

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  • CORSON, M. G.

    Aluminium. The Metal and its Alloys. (A Critical Descriptive Treatise). Including Chapter on ‘Structurography’ prepared in collaboration with J.R. Vilella

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    Onslow Park Steam Engine Rally 2002

    40th Anniversary. Souvenir Programme.

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  • CURRAN, R.C.


    Structures and Diagnosis. With Contributions on Cytology by Jennifer A Young.

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    Matthew Boulton

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