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  • BATES, H. E.

    The House with the Apricot and Two Other Tales

    [Wood-engravings by Agnes Miller Parker.]

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  • BLAKE, William

    All Religions are One

    [With a Bibliographical Statement by Geoffrey Keynes].

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  • BURTON (trans.), Richard F.

    The Fisherman and the Jinni

    From the Arabian Nights 1885 Translation by Sir Richard F Burton.

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  • CAREY, Henry

    Songs and Poems

    With Decorations by Robert Gibbings.

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    Morris Cox and the Gogmagog Press.

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  • FRANKLIN, Colin

    Poets of the Daniel Press

    [First Paperback Edition].

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    Cosmetics for my Lady and Good Fare for my Lord. Collected Recipes

    [Recipes collected from the Commonplace Book of a West Country Gentlewoman.]

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  • HARTNOLL, Phyllis

    The Grecian Enchanted

    With Eight Aquatints by John Buckland-Wright.

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  • HERIZ, Patrick de

    La Belle O’Morphi. A Brief Biography

    With Illustrations by Francois Boucher. [De Luxe edition bound by Sangorski & Sutcliffe.]

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  • LAMB, Charles

    Elia and Last Essays of Elia

    [Edited by William MacDonal].

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  • of HIPPO, St. Augustine

    Unless the Grain Die

    [Decorations by Margaret Adams].

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  • OTWAY, Thomas

    The Complete Works of Thomas Otway

    Edited by Montague Summers.

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  • POWYS , T.F.

    Goat Green or The Better Gift

    Engravings by Gwenda Morgan.

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  • POWYS, Theodore Francis

    When Thou wast Naked

    A Story by T.F.Powys. With Engravings by John Nash.

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  • SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe

    Selected Poetry, Prose and Letters

    Edited by A.S.B. Glover for the Nonesuch Press.

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    The Black Diaries

    An Account of Roger Casement's Life and Times with a Collection of his Diaries and Public Writings.

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  • SPENSER, Edmund

    Daphnaida and other Poems. [An Elizabethan Gallery]

    Edited [with Commentary and Notes] by W.L. Renwick.

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  • SWIFT, Jonathan

    Directions to Servants

    With Decorations by John Nash.

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  • SWIFT, Jonathan

    Resolutions when I come to be old. 1699

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  • SWIFT, Jonathan

    Gulliver’s Travels and Selected Writings in Prose and Verse

    Edited by John Hayward.

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  • TROLLOPE, Anthony

    The Works of Anthony Trollope

    The Barchester Novels. [Edited by Michael Sadleir].

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  • WALTON, Izaak

    The Compleat Angler, or the Contemplative Man’s Recreation

    With the Second Part by Charles Cotton.

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    Pavane for a Dead Infanta

    Illustrated by Emily Gwynne-Jones. 194 COPIES WERE PRINTED.

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