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    Introduction to the History of Mycology

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  • ANON

    The Language of Flowers

    with Illustrative Poetry and Introductory Observations.

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  • ARNOLD, F.H.

    Flora of Sussex, or, a List of the Flowering Plants & Ferns found in the County of Sussex, with Localities of the less common Species

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  • ARNOLD, Rev. F.H.

    Flora of Sussex

    Or, A List of the Flowering Plants and Ferns found in the County of Sussex with Localities of the Less Common Species. New Edition, with numerous Additions. Illustrated by Marian H. Arnold.

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  • BLUNT, Wilfrid

    In for a Penny

    A Prospect of Kew Gardens: their Flora, Fauna and Falballas. [Second Impression]

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  • BOULGER, G. S.

    Familiar Trees. [First and Second Series.]

    With coloured Plates by W.H.J. Boot.

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  • BRIMBLE , L.J.F.

    Flowers in Britain

    Wild, Ornamental and Economic, and some Relatives in Other Lands.

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  • CAMPBELL, ed., M.S.

    The Flora of Uig

    A Botanical Exploration.

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  • COOKE, M.C.

    Fungoid Pests of Cultivated Plants

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    The Rhododendron Species

    Vols. I-IV.

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  • DAVIS, P.H.

    The Identification of Flowering Plant Families

    Including a Key to those Native and Cultivated in North Temperate Regions.

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  • DUNCAN, U.K.

    Introduction to British Lichens

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    The Structure and Reproduction of the Algae

    Volume I. Introduction, Chlorophyceae, Xanthophyceae, Chrysophyceae, Bacillariophyceae, Cryptophyceae, Dinophyceae, Chloromonadineae, Euglenineae, Colourless Flagellata. [Fourth Impression].

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  • GODWIN, H.

    The History of the British Flora

    A Basis for Phytogeography. [Second Edition].

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    British Trees

    A Guide for Everyman.

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  • HIBBERD, Shirley

    Familiar Garden Flowers. [First to Fifth Series.]

    Figured by F. Edward Hulme.

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  • HULME, F.E.

    Familiar Wild Flowers

    First [-Seventh Series]. [Complete set].

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  • HULME, F. Edward

    Familiar Wild Flowers. [First to Fifth Series.]

    Figured and described by F. Edward Hulme.

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  • JERMYN, S.T.

    Flora of Essex

    With a Section on the Bryophyta by Kenneth J Adams.

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  • JOHNS, C.A.

    British Trees including the finer Shrubs for Garden and Woodland

    Edited by T.A. Cook and W. Dallimore.

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  • JOHNS, C.A.

    Flowers of the Field

    Thirty-Fifth Edition. Entirely revised by G.S. Boulger. With Portrait, Memoir of the Author and 64 Coloured Plates.

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  • KENT, D.H.

    The Historical Flora of Middlesex

    An Account of the Wild Plants found in the Watsonian vice-County 21 from 1548 to the Present time.

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  • KOHLEIN, Fritz

    Saxifrages and related Genera

    Translated from the German by David Winstanley.

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    Travels in China

    A Plantsman's Paradise

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  • LOUDON, J.C. [John Claudius]

    Arboretum et Fruticetum Britannicum

    Or, the Trees and Shrubs of Britain, Native and Foreign, Hardy and Half-Hardy, pictorially and botanically delineated, and scientifically and popularly described. With their Propagation, Culture, Management and Uses in the Arts. Second Edition.

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