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  • BELL, H.I.

    Fragments of an unknown Gospel and other early Christian Papyri

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  • BISHOP, T.A.M.

    Scriptores Regis

    Facsimiles to identify and illustrate the Hands of Royal Scribes in original Charters of Henry I, Stephen, and Henry II. [Preface by V.H. Galbraith].

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    C’est Daucasi and De Nicolete

    Reproduced in photo-facsimile and type-transliteration from the unique MS. in the Bibliotheque Nationale at Paris, fronds francais, 2168.

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    Illuminated Manuscripts exhibited in the Grenville Library

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    Codex Exoniensis. A Collection of Anglo-Saxon Poetry from a Manuscript in the Library of the Dean and Chapter of Exeter

    With an English Translation, Notes and Indexes by Benjamin Thorpe FSA.

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  • DANCY, John

    Walter Oakeshott

    A Diversity of Gifts.

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  • DAVIES, J.H.

    Catalogue of Manuscripts

    Volume I. Additional Manuscripts in the Collections of Sir John Williams.

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  • FARMER, ed, John S.

    The Tudor Facsimile Texts. Everyman

    Under the Supervision and Editorshop of John S. Farmer.

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  • HINE, Reginald J.

    The Cream of Curiosity

    Being an Account of certain Historical and Literary Manuscripts of the XVII, XVIII and XIX Centuries collected by Reginald L. Hine.

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  • HOEPLI, Ulrico

    Manoscritti dal Secolo IX al XVI, Vendita All’Asta 3-4 Decembre MCMXXIX

    Vendita All'Asta 3-4 Decembre MCMXXIX

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    The Faber Library of Illuminated Manuscripts. [Complete set]

    [General Editor: Walter Oakeshott].

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  • JAMES, Montague Rhodes

    Catalogue of the Library of Leicester Abbey

    Edited by A. Hamilton Thompson.

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    A Catalogue of the Lansdowne Manuscripts in the British Museum

    With Index of Persons, Places and Matters. Printed by Command of His Majesty King George III, in pursuance of an Address of The House of Commons of Great Britain. [Preface by Henry Ellis]

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    The Legend of Roland in the Middle Ages

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    A Guide to the Manuscript Collections in Liverpool University Library

    [Preface by D. . Clarke].

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  • MACGIBBON, David

    Jean Bourdichon

    A Court Painter of the Fifteenth Century.

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  • MEISS, M.

    The Visconti Hours

    Bibliotheca Nazionale, Florence.

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  • MEISS (intro.), Millard

    The Rohan Book of Hours

    Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris (MS. Latin 9471). Introduction by Millard Meiss. Introduction and Commentary by Marcel Thomas.

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  • MILTON, John

    Facsimile of the Manuscript of Milton’s Minor Poems

    Preserved in the Library of Trinity College Cambridge. [Preface by William Aldis Wright].

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    The Treasures of Mount Athos

    Illuminated Manuscripts, Miniatures, Headpieces, Initial Letters. Volume I [only]. The Protaton and the Monasteries of Dionysiou, Koutloumosiou, Xeropotamou and Gregoriou.

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  • OAKESHOTT, Walter

    The Artists of the Winchester Bible

    And an Introduction by Walter Oakeshott.

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  • PLANTA (comp.), J.

    A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Cottonian Library, deposited in the British Museum

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    The Minor Prophets in the Freer Collection and the Berlin Fragment of Genesis

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  • SULLIVAN, Edward

    The Book of Kells

    Foreword by J.H. Holden.

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    Illuminated and Decorated Mediaeval Manuscripts in the University Library, Utrecht

    An illustrated Catalogue. Compiled by Koer T Van Der Horst.

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