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  • BECHER, Captain A.B.

    Navigation of the Atlantic Ocean

    containing a brief Account of the Weather, Winds and Currents prevailing therein. According to the most experienced Authorities. Second Edition.

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  • BOWKER, R.M.

    The Channel Handbook. Central Section. Volume One

    Containing large-scale Charts and Navigational Notes for a hundred Anchorages within the areas - Chichester, Solent, westward to Portlands the Channel Islands, the French coast from St. Malo to Barfleur.

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  • CARTER, George G.

    Looming Lights

    [A True Story of the Lightships.] With an Introduction by Sir Geoffrey Callender.

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  • CLEEMPOEL, K. von

    Astrolabes at Greenwich

    A Catalogue of the Astrolabes in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. Loenraad van Cleempoel with Contributions from Silke Ackermann, Francois Charette, Elly Dekker, Paul Kunitzsch and A.J. Turner.

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    A History of Marine Navigation

    Translated from the Swedish by Maurice Michael.

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  • FANNING, A. E.

    Steady As She Goes

    A History of the Compass Department of the Admiralty.

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  • LUARD, L

    The Little Ship Navigator

    With Drawings by Alain Russell.

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    The Story of the Blue Back Chart

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  • WATERS, D.W.

    The Art of Navigation in England in Elizabethan and Early Stuart Times

    With a Foreword by Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

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  • WHITFIELD, Peter

    The Charting of the Oceans

    Ten Centuries of Maritime Maps.

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  • WYLIE (ed.), F.J.

    The Use of Radar at Sea

    Edited by Captain F. . Wylie, assisted by the Executive Secretary of the Institute [of Navigation]. Foreword by Sir Robert Watson-Watt.

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