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    The Benstede Family and its Predecessors in Hertfordshire and Essex, the De Valoignes and Balliols

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  • ANGIER], [C.B.

    ‘Some Genealogical memoranda of the Angier Family’ [in] The East Anglian or, Notes and Queries on Subjects connected with the Counties of Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex and Norfolk

    New Series. Vol. VI.

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    The Taylors of Ongar

    Portrait of an English Family of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.

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  • BANKES, J.

    The Early Records of the Bankes Family at Winstanley

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    The Importance of the Ashmolean Roll of Arms for the Study of Medieval Blazon

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  • BIGLAND, Ralph

    Observation on Marriages, Baptisms, and Burials as preserved in Parochial Registers.

    With sundry Specimens of the Entries of Marriages and Baptisms in Foreign Countries; interspersed with Remarks concerning proper Methods necessary to preserve a Remembrance of the several Branches of Families. [First and Sole Edition].

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  • BOSWORTH, George F.

    Original Documents relating to the Monoux Family

    Notes by Constance Demain Saunders.

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  • BRENAN, Gerald

    A History of the House of Percy from the Earliest Times down to the Present Century

    Edited by W. A. Lindsay (Windsor Herald).

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  • BURKE, John Bernard

    A Visitation of the Seats and Arms of the Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain.

    Volume I [this volume only].

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  • CAMPBELL-KEASE (ed.), J.

    Tribute to an Armorist

    [Essays for John Brooke-Little to mark the Golden Jubilee of 'The Coat of Arms'].

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  • COOKE Family

    Genealogical Memoirs relating to the Family of Cooke of Kingsthorpe, etc

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  • COWLES, Virginia

    The Astors

    The Story of a Transatlantic Family.

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  • CUSSANS, John E.

    Handbook of Heraldry

    With Instructions for Tracing Pedigrees and Deciphering Ancient MSS. Rules for the Appointment of Liveries. Third Edition.

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  • EVANS, Joan

    The Conways

    A History of Three Generations.

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  • FAIRBAIRN., [James]

    Fairbairn’s Books of Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland

    A New Edition revised and brought down to the Present Date by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies. [Artificer's Edition].

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  • FOX-DAVIES, Arthur Charles

    Armorial Families

    A Directory of Gentlemen of Coat-Armour. Seventh Edition.

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  • FRANKLIN, Robert

    The Stuarts of Highcliffe

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  • FRASER, Sir William

    The Chiefs of Grant. Vols II and III [of III]. [TWO VOLUMES ONLY OF THREE]

    Volume II: Correspondence. Vol. III: Charters. [WANTING VOLUME I: MEMOIRS.]

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  • FRENCH, M.

    The Frenchs of French Park

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  • GANTZ, I.

    Signpost to Eyrecourt

    Portrait of the Eyre Family Triumphant in the Cause of Liberty. Derbyshire, Wiltshire, Galway c.

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  • GRAZEBROOK, H. Sydney

    The Heraldry of Worcestershire. Vol. I: A-L. [THIS VOLUME ONLY].

    Being a Roll of the Arms borne by the Noble, Knightly and Gentle Families which have had Property or Residence in that County. With Genealogical Notes

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  • GUINNESS, Jonathan

    The House of Mitford

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  • HURST, Norman

    Naval Chronicle 1799-1818

    Index to Births, Marriages and Deaths.

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  • INNES OF LEARNEY, Sir Thomas

    The Tartans of the Clans and Families of Scotland

    Third Edition.

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  • KING, Norah

    The Grimstons of Gorhambury

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