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White Man’s Country

HUXLEY, Elspeth

Lord Delamare and the Making of Kenya. Volume One 1870-1914; Volume Two: 1914-1931.


Published: Chatto & Windus, [1980]

Stock code: 42349

Price: £142.00

Huxley's first published work is a classic of Kenyan, indeed of East African, history. First issued by Macmillan in 1935, it was an immediate success - the 'Kenya Weekly News' urged its readers to buy the book 'even though it costs the equivalent of 8 sacks of maize'. This first issue in paperback omits the plates, but preserves all maps and the important preface written by the author for the 1968 edition. Cross & Perkin note that of the 3000 copies printed, 2000 were sold to Africa, of the remaining 1000 copies, 701 were damaged at binders and never offered for sale. SCARCE. Cross & Perkin A1(f)