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SPAB Wind and Watermill Section Monographs

WILSON,, Paul N, Rex, WAILES, et al.

[Published under the Auspices of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings.]


Published: Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, [?1955-1970]

Stock code: 42760

Price: £340.00

The run comprises: No. 1. Wilson: Watermills. A Introduction [?1955]; No. 2. Wailes: Tide Mills Part One [?1957]; No. 3. Wailes: Tide Mills Part Two [?1957]; No. 4. Gardner: Tide Mills Part Three [1957]; No. 5. Pelham: Fuelling Mills [?1958]; No. 6: Reid: Water-mIlls and the Landscape [?1958]; No. 7. Wilson: Watermills with Horizontal Wheels [1960]; No. 8. Luckhurst: Monastic Watermills [?1959]; Shorter: Water Paper Mills In England (1966); No. 10. Rollins: The Needle Mills (1970). RUNS OF THIS NATURE ARE VERY SCARCE INDEED.