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Manual of Military Law. 1929 [with] Amendments Nos. 1 and 2


[Seventh Edition.]


Published: HMSO, 1929

Stock code: 43200

Price: £42.00

LOOSELY INSERTED ARE SEPARATELY PRINTED AMENDMENTS NOS. 1 AND 2. With 9pp trade advertisements bound in at at front. The compilation of the Manual of Military Law was initiated by Secretary of State for War Stanley in 1879. In order to produce a single comprehensive manual the Rules of Procedure required considerable legal amendment, including the repeal and replacement of the Army Discipline and Regulation Act 1879 by the Army Act 1881. The first edition was approved by both Childers and Hartington and published in 1884; the sixth edition (1914) carried through the Great War. For this seventh edition 'the events of the war and of the period succeeding the war have necessitated very considerable modifications and additions. Several of the introductory chapters have been almost entirely rewritten' (Editor's Note).