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Diaries [complete set in paperback]

( Christopher BROWN, illus. ) LEES-MILNE, James


Published: Faber [with] John Murray, [1984-2005]

Stock code: 41528

Price: £330.00

The first three volumes of Lees-Milne's diaries were published by Chatto & Windus; the fourth by Faber who subsequently issued all four volumes to date in uniform paperback format with striking covers by Pentagram and illustrations by Christopher Brown. The series then passed to Murray who issued the remaining eight volumes in uniform format with pictorial wrappers (the last two volumes with portraits of the author by Julian Barrow). The set comprises: Ancestral Voices [Diaries 1942-43]; Prophesying Peace [Diaries 1944-45]; Caves of Ice [Diaries 1946-47]; Midway on the Waves [Diaries 1948-49]; A Mingled Measure [Diaries 1953-1972]; Ancient as the Hills [Diaries 1973-1974]; Through Wood and Dale [Diaries 1975-1978]; Deep Romantic Chasm [Diaries 1979-1981]; Holy Dread [Diaries 1982-1984]; Beneath a Waning Moon [Diaries 1985-1987]; Ceaseless Turmoil[Diaries 1988-1992]; The Milk of Paradise [Diaries 1993-1997].COMPLETE SETS IN THIS CONDITION ARE SCARCE.