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Adolf Hitler [with] Rommel [with] Monty [with] Mussolini [with] Bullets [with] Goodbye Soldier [with] Peace Work


Edited by Jack Hobbs.


Published: Michael Joseph, [1971-1991]

Stock code: 42174

Price: £440.00

The Goon's extended autobiography comprises Vol. I: Adolf Hitler, My Part in his Downfall (1971); Vol. II: Rommel. Gunner Who? A Confrontation in the Desert. Edited by Jack Hobbs (1974); Vol. III: Monty. His Part in my Victory. Edited by Jack Hobbs (1976); Vol. IV: Mussolini. His Part in my Downfall. Edited by Jack Hobbs (1978); Vol. V: Where have all the Bullets gone? (1985); Vol. VI: Goodbye Soldier (1986); Peace Work (1991). The original WWII autobiography was extended with the addition of the final volume in 1991. COMPLETE SETS OF FIRST EDITIONS ARE SCARCE.