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Was man uber die Kriegsschiffs-Typen wissen muss


Published: Limpert Berlin, [1940]

Stock code: 4634

Price: £48.00

Remarkably well-preserved wartime propaganda title (from a favoured Nazi printing house) printed in black-letter Gothic type. There are some very useful photographs among the more standard shots; although most of the captions are understandably generic the majority are instantly identifiable. The unusually striking dustwrapper illustrations by the author depicts a (probably imaginary) view of either 'Scharnhorst' or 'Gneisenau' accompanied by a 'Hipper'-class heavy cruiser and escorted by a Type-34 destroyer. The camouflage and fittings suggest the Norwegian campaign of 1940 but we have been unable to confirm that the two capital vessels served together in those waters.. Scarce, especially in this condition