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[The Plantagenet Saga]

( Philip GOUGH, illus. ) ( Val BIRO, illus ) PLAIDY, Jean


Published: Robert Hale, [1977-82]

Stock code: 48034

Price: £420.00

The set comprises The Plantagenet Prelude (1976; second impression 1979), The Revolt of the Eaglets (1977; second impression 1979), The Heart of the Lion (1977; second impression 1979), The Prince of Darkness, (1978; second impression 1979), The Battle of the Queens (first edition 1978), The Queen from Provence (1979; second impression 1979), Edward Longshanks (first edition, 1979), The Follies of the King (first edition 1980), The Vow on the Heron (first edition 1980), Passage to Pontefract (first edition 1981), The Star of Lancaster (first edition 1981), Epitaph for Three Women (first edition 1981), Red Rose of Anjou (first edition 1982), The Sun in Splendour (first edition, 1982). Dustwrapper artwork by Philip Gough; text illustrations by Val Biro. BRIGHT, CLEAN SET OF PLAIDY'S LONGEST HISTORICAL SEQUENCE. COMPLETE SETS IN THIS CONDITION ARE VERY SCARCE.