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The Friend [with] Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit [with] Aids to Reflection [with] Essays on his Own Times [with] Notes on English Divines [with] Notes Theological Political and Miscellaneous

COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor


Published: William Pickering [with] Edward Moxon, 1837-1853

Stock code: 45126

Price: £2,460.00

The collection comprises: The Friend (3 vols.; third edition; Pickering 1837); Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit (first edition; Pickering 1840); Aids to Reflection (2 vols; fifth edition; Pickering 1843); Essays on his Own Times (3 vols; Pickering 1850); Notes on English Divines (2 vols; Moxon 1853); Notes Theological, Political and Miscellaneous (Moxon 1853). AN OUTSTANDING COLLECTION OF THE POET'S POSTHUMOUSLY PUBLISHED WORKS, ALL SAVE THE FIRST AND THIRD WORKS IN FIRST EDITION. The first three works are edited by Henry Nelson Coleridge, the fourth by Sara Coleridge, the fifth and sixth by Derwent Coleridge. First work: NCBEL III, 217; Shepherd p.65; Wise 23. Second work: NCBEL III, 219; Shepherd p.65; Wise 88. Third work: NCBEL III, 219; Shepherd p.53 (recording Taylor & Hessey's single-volume edition, 1825); Wise 62. Fourth work: NCBEL III, 220; Shepherd p.66; Wise 94 . Fifth work: NCBEL III, 221; Shepherd p.67; Wise 95. Sixth work: NCBEL III,221; Shepherd p.68; Wise 96.