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The Book of the Illustrious Henries


Translated from the Latin by the Rev. Francis Charles Hingeston.


Published: Longman Brown Green Longmans and Roberts, 1858

Stock code: 1232

Price: £140.00

With an engraved armorial bookplate. The frontispiece depicts the seals of the Austin Friary at King's Lynn. Capgrave (1393-1464), theologian and historian, is noted by his biographers as the most learned Augustinian friar. This curious work, the 'Liber de Illustribus Henricis', is dedicated somewhat self-consciously to Henry VI of England. It includes individual accounts of the six German emperors, first six English kings, and a round dozen of European and Scandinavian notables bearing the name. The present work is published in the 'Rolls Series' which also includes the present editor's translation (as 'The Chronicle of England') of Capgrave's 'Nova Legenda Angliae' originally published by de Worde in 1516