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Operation Victory

DE GUINGAND, Major-General 'Freddie'


Published: Hodder & Stoughton, [1947]

Stock code: 37611

Price: £436.00

ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT BRITISH COMMAND MEMOIRS OF WWII. Chief of Staff to Montgomery for the latter half of the war, Francis de Guingand served first with Eighth Army (1942-1943) and subsequently with 21st Army Group (1944-1945) in one of the closest and most successful partnerships of the war. 'We were complete opposites; he [de Guingand] lived on his nerves and was highly strung; in ordinary life he liked wine, gambling and good food. Did these differences matter? I quickly decided they did not; indeed, differences were assets.' (Montgomery, Memoirs); he added later that he never regretted his decision. Given Monty's acerbic approach to soldiering, De Guingand's talents as a diplomat were nearly as important as his military skills. This was particularly true in relations with Eisenhower (who opined that De Guingand 'lived the code of the Allies'). Enser, p.475.