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Midway. The Battle that doomed Japan

FUCHIDA, Mitsuo, Masatake, OKUMIYA.

Foreword by Professor Michael Lewis. [Introduction by Admiral Kondo. Translation by M. Chihaya. Edited from the Japanese edition by C.H. Kawakami and R. Pineau]. [First UK Edition].


Published: Hutchinson, [1957]

Stock code: 46748

Price: £468.00

The standard account from the Japanese perspective and a classic of WWII. One of the foremost figures in the IJNAF, Mitsuo Fuchida was strike force commander at Pearl Harbor. Unable to take part in operations at Midway due to a recent appendix operation he watched the action from the deck of the flagship, taking notes as events unfolded. Subsequently, he was one of the few Japanese naval officers permitted to study the reports of the battle and is therefore uniquely qualified to deliver this account. For the first US edition (published for USNI) the Japanese original was translated into English by Commander Chihaya and edited by Kawakami and Pineau; their text is repeated here. Importantly, the Japanese photographs (although of poorer quality) are retained, and supplemented by a small number of well-chosen USN pictures. SCARCE IN THIS CONDITION. Albion, p.297; Enser, p. 515.