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Conjectures on an Antient [sic] Tomb in Salisbury Cathedral

GOUGH, Richard

Published: Society of Antiquaries, [1770]

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Extracted from the 'Journal of the Society of Antiquaries'. Gough's paper was read before the Society on 22 February 1770. The large plate contains five figures, including facsimiles of relevant inscriptions. Gough opines that the tomb is that of Roger, third Bishop of Salisbury after the removal of the See from Sherborn [sic] to Old Sarum. The author was almost certainly Richard Gough (1735-1809), antiquary and authority on sepulchral monuments. His best known works include 'Sepulchral Monuments of Great Britain' (first edition 1786) and his revised and enlarged edition of Camden's 'Britannia' (1789).