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Commando Extraordinary

FOLEY, Charles

With a Foreword by Major-General Sir Robert Laycock, Chief of Combined Operations 1943-47. [Special Forces Library edition.]


Published: Arms & Armour, [1987]

Stock code: 6295

Price: £16.00

Published in Arms & Armour's 'Special Forces Library', this is a good quality facsimile (but without the plates) of the original edition of 1954. Classic account of the wartime exploits of Otto Skorzeny, including the liberation of Mussolini, the snatching of Horthy from Budapest Castle and the 'disguised brigade' which confused the Americans on their way into Germany. Laycock's foreword gives the historical context and looks ahead to the increasing need for units like the RM Commandos and the SAS in the future of military operations.