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Catalogus Librorum in Bibliotheca Norvicensi


A Catalogue of the Books in the Library of the City of Norwich in the Year MDCCCLXXXIII. Compiled by Frederic Kitton.


Published: Norwich, 1883

Stock code: 169

Price: £60.00

The first catalogue, published in 1706, was followed by Mackerell's compilation of 1732. The present (and last published) edition lists over 1,700 works, the latest of which were published in the early eighteenth century, together with an extensive list of benefactors. Amongst the collection are a number of specimens of early printing by Caxon, De Worde, Julian Notary, Pynson, Grafton and several continental printers. There is also a collection of Elizabethan and Jacobean theological tracts relating to the Reformation, and another of Chancery Records. Among the donors to the library were the Rev. Richard Ireland and the Rev. Thomas Nelson, each of whom presented his entire library. The former also donated his copy of the celebrated Wiklif Bible, now in the Norfolk and Norwich Musum. SCARCE. Darroch and Taylor, 5569.