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A Catalogue of Westminster Records


Deposited at the Town Hall, Caxton Street, in the Custody of the Vestry of St. Margaret & St. John, with Introductory Essay, Illustrations and Extracts.

Published: Published for the Vestry by Wightman & Co., 1900

Stock code: 3698

Price: £40.00

The catalogue covers Churchwardens' Accounts from 1256-1868, Overseers' Accounts from 1561-1846, Rate Books, Poor and Watch Rates, Vestry Minutes and Letter Books, with numerous extracts in each case. An Appendix details the Inventories of the Goods, Jewels and Ornaments in the Church of St. Margaret, 1511, 1572, and 1614-15. John Edward Smith, author of numerous standard works of the history of Westminster, was sometime Clerk to the Vestry.