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  • BORMANN, Edwin

    Francis Bacon’s Cryptic Rhymes

    amd the Truth they Reveal. [First English Edition].

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  • BRADLEY, A. C.

    Poetry for Poetry’s Sake

    An Inaugural Lecture delivered on June 5, 1901. [Second Impression.]

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  • BRADLEY, A.C. [Andrew Cecil]

    Shakespearean Tragedy

    Lectures on Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth.

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  • BRAY, Denys

    The Original Order of Shakespeare’s Sonnets

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    Guide to the MSS & Printed Books exhibited in Celebration of the Tercentenary of the First Folio Shakespeare

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    Introductions to Shakespeare. Being the Introductions the the individual Plays in the Folio Society Edition 1950-1976

    With a Foreword by Charles Ede.

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    The Five Authors of Shakespeare’s Sonnets

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  • HOTSON, Leslie

    Mr. W. H.

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  • ISKE, Basil

    The Green Cockatrice

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  • LAWRENCE, William John

    The Elizabethan Playhouse and other Studies

    [First and Second Series. Complete set.]

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  • PHILLIPS, Graham

    The Shakespeare Conspiracy

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  • POLLARD, Alfred W.

    Shakespeare’s Fight with the Pirates and the Problems of the Transmission of his Text

    Second [and Best] Edition, revised with an Introduction.

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  • ROWSE, A.L.

    William Shakespeare

    A Biography.

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  • WHITE, J.

    Original Letters Etc

    Or Sir John Falstaff and his Friends by James White. Originally published in 1796, and now reprinted, with an Introductory Note by Charles Edmund Merrill, Jr.

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  • WILSON, John Dover

    The Manuscript of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and its Problems of Transmission

    An Essay in Critical Bibliography. Volume II. Editorial Problems and Solutions. [THIS VOLUME ONLY.]

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